Adopt for the Holidays


Why Should I Adopt?

Make an Impact on the Life of an Animal
Adoption is a rewarding process that allows you to make an impact on the life of a shelter pet. Each year, over 6 million animals enter in U.S shelters, and of those about a million are humanely euthanized due to overcrowding*. When you adopt a pet, you are helping save a life!

Make an Impact in Your Community
Look into adopting from a local rescue group in your area. Rescue groups are organizations of individuals in a community committed to helping save the lives of homeless pets. They often partner with local shelters to take in animals and help alleviate the load of overcrowding. Adopting from a rescue group helps support those working to make a difference in their community!


What If I Am Interesting in Adopting a Specific Breed?

Breed-specific rescue groups are a great option! From puppies to full-grown pets, these groups will have many options for those seeking a specific breed. Your local shelters also will receive purebred breeds from time to time, so be sure to check in often!




What Are the Other Benefits of Adoption?

Personality Matching
When you adopt an animal, shelters and rescue groups are great about finding you the right pet that will fit your personality and lifestyle.

Some Are Already Trained
If you are adopting a full-grown pet, they might come home already knowing some tricks! Pets from previous homes can be easier to train if they have already been worked with before.

Affordable Cost
Buying from breeders can set you back thousands of dollars. For pet adoptions, local shelters and rescue groups have very reasonable fees, ranging from $50 to $300.


Animal Homelessness in Colorado

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