Animal Homelessness in Colorado



Meet our newly adopted hospital cat, Princess Buttercup. She was a stray that was found in a garbage can in Westminster. Due to the cold weather, she suffered from frostbite on her ear and toe. The staff at Church Ranch came together and unanimously voted to home this little one and nurse her back to health. As a team, we are compassionate about adopting and doing what we can to save a life. This is why we partner with Foothills Animal Shelter by providing donations. There are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.S. Of this 70 million, only about six to eight million cats and dogs enter the nation’s 3,500 shelters every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Only 2 to 5 percent of cats are rehomed. Know what this means? Nearly half of all cats that arrive in U.S. shelters are euthanized because there is a lack of space and adopters, amounting roughly seven out of every ten cats. Animal shelters across the nation are forced to stretch their resources to the brink to accommodate an overwhelming population of homeless and at-risk animals. At VitalPet, we recommend adopting over buying to save a life, help break the cycle of overpopulation, and assist in putting an end to cruelty in mass breeding facilities. To get more information on adoption please contact our office or Foothills Animal Shelter at (303) 278-7575.

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