Day Lodging For Pups


Day Lodging

Church Ranch Veterinary Center offers boarding and daycare. But what if your puppy is young and has not been spayed or neutered and you don’t want to leave him home alone while at work? We have the perfect solution! Day lodging is a great opportunity for you new furry friend to get accustomed to socialization. Our day lodging takes place on the hospital side where your pup will get individual attention, love, walks and unlimited hugs! The hospital staff along with the doctors will always be in close proximity to keep a close eye. You will want your puppy to feel like this is a new home away from home for them; so bring some of their favorite things! We recommend toys, blankets, and any special treats. The smell of home from an object like their bed or blanket may help your pup relax in their unknown surrounding while you’re at work. Call us at 303.469.7387 for a tour of our hospital.

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