Diet Considerations for Pregnant & Nursing Dogs

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. After finding out your dog is pregnant, you should begin preparing to feed your pregnant dog the proper way to ensure the health of her and the puppies. Stay vigilant and do everything you can to help her prepare for the big day!


Importance of Proper Nutrition

Pregnancy in dogs is a complicated process the body has to endure. As such, it needs the necessary nutrients to keep its body as healthy as possible because of the stress it will eventually undergo. Proper nutrition is a vital aspect of pregnancy in dogs and even in the nursing stage afterward. Furthermore, your mother dog will need the nutrients from its food to give her puppies a strong and healthy body. Neglecting proper nutrition for your pregnant dog can result in weaker babies and more complications in the birthing process. 

Feeding a Pregnant Dog

You want to make sure you are feeding your dog the proper amount to avoid fluctuating her weight while she is pregnant. Both underweight and overweight dogs experience severe complications during childbirth, which is why this is so important. However, it’s perfectly normal for your pregnant dog to gain weight as she progresses through the stages of pregnancy, so don’t panic if you notice that. During the third trimester of her pregnancy, her puppies are growing much more rapidly than before. Because of this, you should feed her more than her usual amount to give them the energy they need to be healthy!


Feeding a Nursing Dog

After giving birth is when your mother dog needs the most nutrition, especially if she has given birth to a large liter of puppies. Now, she will need plenty of nutrients to produce milk to feed her children. At this stage, you want to feed your dog plenty of nutrient-dense foods at regular intervals. Also, make sure she has access to plenty of water so her body can create the proper volume of milk required to give to all her puppies!


Make Pregnancy Easier With Church Ranch Veterinary Center

Church Ranch Veterinary Center is a top-of-the-line facility devoted to providing all your pet’s needs in one place. In our veterinary center, every cat and dog that enters is treated as a valuable member of the family. Don’t stress over the pregnancy of your dog, and let our caring staff assist you every step of the way. Book an appointment with us and become a member of our loving community!


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