Pet Grooming in Westminster

Grooming is an excellent way to keep your pet feeling fresh and healthy! Sadly many pet parents struggle to find the time to regularly accommodate a grooming routine in the home. This sort of hygiene neglect can cause your pet’s health to stagnate as unkempt fur and nails can make daily life difficult. Grooming is also a first-line defense in detecting parasites, infections, and worrisome lumps. 


Church Ranch Veterinary Center is here to help! 


Our facility has two talented dog groomers who are ready to give any pooch a relaxing and stress-free experience. You can expect your dog’s grooming appointment to be comprised of the following services:


  • Bathing
  • Blow drying 
  • Brush out 
  • Haircut 
  • Nail Trimming 
  • Anal gland expression 
  • Ear Cleaning


Along with our standard grooming, we also offer breed-specific and custom cuts that will make your pet glow. Our services are not only open dogs but cats as well. We know cats can be difficult when brought in for grooming but we are prepared to accommodate any feline guest, no matter how fussy they may be!

We Can Give Your Pet a Professional Groom at Church Ranch Veterinary Center

At Church Ranch Veterinary Center we guarantee loving and professional grooming that will leave your pet’s tail wagging with glee. On top of pampering and spoiling, we will carefully examine your pet for any signs of parasites or other health conditions.  Contact us today to book your pet’s stay.


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If you’re looking for excellent customer service and a trustworthy veterinarian in Westminster,

Church Ranch Veterinary Center
is the place to be.

Call or visit Church Ranch Veterinary Center today for an appointment!

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