Three Ways to Ease Your Dog’s Arthritis

A sad reality of pet ownership is seeing our beloved companions begin to slow down with age. As many as one in five dogs, according to the Arthritis Foundation, are affected by the degenerative disease in their lifetime.


Usually, it’s our senior pets who are affected the most. Arthritis can be seen prominently affecting a dog’s ability to move. Range of movement is restricted due to inflammation and pain, which makes for a sad and increasingly sedentary pup. Stay tuned to learn three helpful tips for supporting your dog’s quality of life as they navigate their arthritis diagnosis. 


If you see your dog slowing down on his walks, or having a hard time getting up, it may be time for a visit to the vet to clarify why your pup is struggling. 


If you believe you’re is suffering from the effects of arthritis, here are three tips to give your dog some much-needed relief:


  • Anti-Inflammatory Medication: With some testing from your veterinarian, you may decide the best strategy to support your pup is through medication. Medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories will help you manage their symptoms of pain.


  • CBD Oil: A newer alternative that has arisen in popularity in recent years is using CBD oil to treat arthritis pain. CBD oil is a component of cannabis and hemp and has been praised for its therapeutic effects for coping with pain in both dogs and humans. There is no current data to solidify this option’s effectiveness, but many owners swear by it, and it’s worth a chance if it means offering your dog some relief.


  • Physical Therapy: Much like with humans, physical pain symptoms can be alleviated with thorough physical therapy. Therapists including hydrotherapy and water therapy have been found effective – especially in addition to medication and a healthy diet. 


Church Ranch Veterinary Center is Here to Ease Your Dog’s Arthritic Pains 

Church Ranch Veterinary Center is a full-service veterinary hospital for pets. We take pride in our ability to ease any worries and answer your most pressing questions. If your furry companion is struggling with the pervasive effects of arthritis, don’t hesitate to call or visit us today to schedule a wellness visit. 


Your pet’s health is important, and Church Ranch Veterinary Center is here to help, no matter how big, or small the problem.


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