Tinsel & Turkey Bones: Holiday Hazards To Pets

With the holiday season comes tinsel and turkey. They are undoubtedly staples every family can enjoy. However, you may be shocked to learn that these can be pretty dangerous to leave around your pets. In this article, you'll learn about the dangers of tinsel and turkey bones for pets. The information listed below has saved countless pets’ lives during the holiday season.


Turkey Bones

Turkey is a holiday staple, and the meat itself isn’t too bad for your pets (though you shouldn’t be giving them human food). The real danger of holiday turkey for your pets is the bones. When turkey bones get cooked, they lose their moisture and become very brittle. 


You may think giving your pet bones is common if you base it on cartoons and movies. However, cooked bones can seriously injure your animal companion. If they chew on the cooked turkey bones, they will shatter and break into tiny sharp shards. These bone shards can get stuck in their throats and choke them or cause internal bleeding as it passes through their digestive tract.


Tinsel may look harmless, but they are quite the opposite for pets. Don't let their pretty and sparkly appearance fool you; if your pet ingests these things, they may require surgery. Pets, cats especially, love string-like objects that hang. If you leave your pet alone with the tinsel, they may be tempted to chew and swallow them.


If your pet ingests tinsel, it can get tangled and stuck inside its throat or stomach. Not only will it restrict their airways, but it will be seriously difficult for them to digest. If it gets tangled inside of them, the only option left would be to open them up and take them out.


What to Do If Your Pet Ingests Them

If you suspect your pet has ingested turkey bones or tinsel, you shouldn’t delay a visit to the nearest vet. The sooner you get them help, the less damage can be done inside of them. If you’re lucky, your pet may be able to pass it through its stool without complications. However, you need to be prepared for the possibility of surgery.



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