Ultrasonography Pet Services in Westminster


As technology progressively gets better and more advanced over time, the types of diagnosis and care that veterinarians are able to provide pets is increasing as well. One of the more advanced pet services that Church Ranch Veterinary Center offers is ultrasonography tests.

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows the organs inside to be captured using just sound waves. These equipment send high frequency sound waves through the body and tissues may either reflect or absorb the waves, which provides the vet with a picture of what’s going on inside. One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonography is the ability to detect injuries and tissue damage inside the body without having to perform surgery. If your pet has gone through a traumatic accident, or is experiencing severe pain, then ultrasonography tests can be a great way to diagnose if the pet needs surgery. Since the results usually appear within minutes, your vet will be able to guide you with the best course of action immediately.

Church Ranch Veterinary Center Offers Advanced Medical Care 

Our veterinarian is skilled enough to tell you a lot about your pet’s health status simply by performing a comprehensive physical exam. For many medical issues, though, we need to look a bit deeper. At Church Ranch Veterinary Center, we are excited to offer ultrasonography services for our patients. This imaging equipment requires advanced training that our team is proud to have achieved. When we use ultrasonography, we can take a closer look inside your pet’s body to search for illnesses or injuries and to evaluate pregnancies. Rather than going to a specialty center for your pet’s ultrasound in Westminster, please contact us for personalized care.

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