What You Need to Know About Glaucoma in Dogs


Glaucoma is a medical condition in which an accumulation of fluid occurs in the eye, causing painful pressure and possible blindness to develop. If your pet is showing the following symptoms, it’s likely due to an onset of glaucoma, and you will need to start treatment immediately: 


  • Eye pain is characterized by frequent rubbing. 
  • Your dog’s cornea has an unusually cloudy appearance. 
  • Your dog’s eye appears red and irritated.
  • The pupils in your pet’s eyes will be asymmetrical in size 
  • There are visible signs of eye-bulging.
  • Your pet has difficulty navigating its environment.
  • Your dog has an avoidance of light. 


When you notice these symptoms, the first thing you should do is contact your veterinarian. Depending on how quickly your dog’s glaucoma is caught, there is a chance your companion’s vision can be saved. While Glaucoma cannot be fully cured, it can be managed. If your dog has been diagnosed with glaucoma here is a list of treatments to increase their quality of life:


  • Medication: Topical and oral treatments are available to help ease pain and bring your dog’s eye pressure back into a more normal range. Administration of topical medication may be needed up to three times a day. Injectable medication may be suggested by your vet if your dog’s case is severe.
  • Cyclocryotherapy: In this procedure, cold temperature is used to reduce the number of cells that produce intraocular fluid. If caught early, this treatment may allow your veterinarian to drain the eye fluid, possibly slowing or stopping the progression of the disease.
  • Surgery: If your dog has been suffering from glaucoma for a long period, their eye(s) may have to be removed. As glaucoma progresses, the optical nerve in the eye can be damaged beyond saving. The empty socket can be either closed or filled with a prosthetic to fill the space. 

We Can Help Your Pet

The best treatment for glaucoma is quick action. If your pet is suffering from this serious condition, schedule an appointment with our team at Church Ranch Veterinary Center at Westminster, Colorado. We are a full-service veterinary hospital devoted to providing your pet with the best medical and surgical care they deserve. No matter your emergency, we work to ensure all your pet’s healthcare needs are met.

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