Ultrasonography Pet Services in Westminster

As technology progressively gets better and more advanced over time, the types of diagnosis and care that veterinarians are able to provide pets is increasing as well. One of the more...
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Understanding the Dangers of Rabies

There’s a reason why the rabies shot is a mandatory vaccine for pets. Rabies is a viral disease that can affect your dog or cat’s central nervous system and lead to...
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Welcome to Church Ranch Veterinary Center

Located in the beautiful city of Westminster, Colorado, we are devoted to providing for all of your pet’s needs in one inviting and convenient location. Whether your pet is a cat,...
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First Pup Visit

Wellness Care
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Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Benefits of Doggy Daycare 1. Exercise & Socialization Daycare provides the dog with play times throughout the day to express normal doggy behavior. They have the opportunity to meet and play...
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Grooming & Dental Care for Your Pet

How to keep your pet's coat and teeth in tip-top shape! Coat CareLet’s talk about brushing. The brush is a dog and cat owner’s best friend, and the groomer will love...
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Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal disease caused by a blood-borne parasite. Adult heartworms are found in the heart and adjacent large blood vessels of infected dogs. Adult heartworms...
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World Rabies Day

What is rabies? Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. The virus is secreted in saliva and is usually transmitted to people and animals...
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Foxtail plants are spiny-headed weeds, notorious for burrowing under skin and potentially killing pets. Foxtails are prevalent in drier western states. These prickly weeds thrive in overgrown parks, open fields, and...
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Summer Hazards

 While summer may be over for you and your family, we are currently in the remaining months of the summer season and there are still some hazards you need to be...
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West Nile Virus in found in Thornton

Mosquitoes infected with the West Nile virus have been found in Thornton, the Tri-County Health Department confirmed Friday. These are the first mosquitoes that have tested positive for the virus in...
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Daycare Dog of the Month

I chose Roman due to the long way he has come from the first 6 month of life when he had a cast on his legs. Now he is able run...
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Mutts n' Struts

VitalPet at Church Ranch along with Westminster Chamber of Commerce participated in this years’ Mutts ‘n Struts Health and Wellness Fest City Park, 105th and Sheridan. The event featured a running...
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What is pancreatitis? Pancreatitis is a painful inflammation of the pancreas that can make pets extremely ill. The pancreas is an abdominal organ located just below the stomach that produces digestive...
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Kidney and Bladder Stones

Common signs that may indicate bladder stones are: Blood in the urine (hematuria)Painful urinationStraining to urinateFrequent urinationGenital lickingChronic urinary tract infectionsUrinary tract obstruction (especially in males)Urine sprayingPassing urine in unusual places...
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Spider Bites In Colorado

What are Brown Recluse Spiders? Often identified by a dark brown violin shape on its back, the brown recluse spider is predominantly found in the Midwest and Southeast of the United...
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Get the Most Out of Your Vet Visit

  While most pet parents will visit the vet once or twice a year, they may not be able to make the most out of their visit. Vet visits are the perfect...
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Extended Hours

Urgent Care Services Available Daily Until 9:00 PM
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New puppy joins our list of adorable patients

What A Cutie! Contact us »
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