Five Tips To Trim A Fussy Cat's Claws

As many of us cat lovers know, our furry companions are sometimes not too excited about getting a pedicure. Certain cats may be reacting to a bad experience from the past, or may simply be caught off guard by your trimming attempts. Either way, a cat who wants nothing to do with your nail trimming ways will make it abundantly clear. Some disagreeable cats hiss, others bite, but perhaps most importantly: prepare to avoid getting clawed! To help make this grooming procedure less of a pain, read below to learn five quick tips to make your claw trimming experience less painful and more effective! 

Here are 5 tips to enhance the effectiveness and safety of your cat’s nail trimming sessions:


  • Flower essence: A hint of flower essence can have a noticeably calming effect on your cat. Apply the essence topically before trimming your cat’s nails. 
  • Calming Clothing: Consider investing in a ThunderShirt to apply calming pressure to your cat. 
  • Loving Massage: While this trick may not work for all, some cats will react dramatically well to getting their scruff rubbed. Take advantage of your cat’s relaxed state, and attempt to trim one nail between rubs. 
  • Warm towel treatment: Cats, like humans, love to relax in warmth. Consider offering your cat a soothing warm towel to alleviate stress before the trim. 
  • Calming treats: Consider investing in treats that will calm your cat during their trim. Not all treats will be your cat’s cup of tea, but it’s another tool in your arsenal to facilitate an easier trimming session with a more relaxed kitty.
  • Trim when they’re tired: A cat exhausted from play is much more likely to cooperate during a trim. 


Cats can be fussy creatures, make no mistake. But trimming your feline friend’s nails shouldn't need to be a painful chore. Invest in the tips above to make your cat’s nail trimming a painless breeze.

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