Pet Dental Care - Tips to Manage Your Pet's Oral Health

Have you been searching for ways to manage your pet's smelly breath and yellow teeth? It's something all pet owners should think about, and in this article, you'll learn some tips to manage your pet's oral health. 


Brush Their Teeth

When teeth are left unbrushed, they become covered in plaque, and food tends to get stuck in between them. Plaque is a film of bacteria that coats your teeth and requires mechanical removal, and it's essentially what gives pets and humans their dental problems.


Vets will recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth regularly to manage the build-up of plaque and other bacteria. They don’t require as frequent brushing as humans, and around three times a week should suffice. The bottom line is that you brush them to eliminate the bacteria in their mouths that are making them sick!


Food and Treats

What you feed your pet can also help manage their oral health. As mentioned earlier, plaque causes many problems, and you want to control its buildup as much as possible. Dry foods, such as kibbles, help pets by being crunchy and scraping off their plaque as they eat. Many dental treats are also available that do the same thing with significant effect. It’s a fun way to get your pet to enjoy cleaning their teeth!


Checkups and Cleaning

Similar to humans, your pet will require regular dental checkups and cleaning if you want to properly manage their oral health. Regular brushing can only do so much for your pet’s teeth. There will still be bacteria hidden in hard-to-reach places and under their gums which the vet needs to clean out.


In fact, many oral illnesses can only be assessed properly if your veterinarian gets a good look below your pet's gum line. Scheduling vet visits just for your pet’s oral health may seem excessive, but it’s almost a necessity if you want them to stay healthy. These routine visits will allow you to treat current issues and prevent them from occurring later on. 


Manage Pet Oral Health at Church Ranch Veterinary Center

Church Ranch Veterinary Center is devoted to serving your animal companion everything it needs under one roof. You can expect only the gold standard of care from our staff and facility. Each animal that walks through our door is treated like our family, and we want nothing but a happy and healthy life for our family! Call us to schedule an appointment, and let us help you manage your pet’s oral health!


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